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Blaze (NYC Area)
Jackson CT,MA

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Seth ( Albany Area)

Mike (Italian Stallion)

Male Strippers, Book Male Dancer PJ 1-800-715-1333 x 3292, Male Strippers CT, MA, RI, NY
(Boston Area)

Male Strippers, Book Ace at your next bachelorette party 1-800-715-1333 x 3292, Male Strippers CT, MA, RI, NY
(NYC area)


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Male Stripper NYC, Male Stripper Long Island, Hampton, South Hampton, Sag Harbor, Bachelarette Male Stripper Anthony
Antonio NYC, Long Island Area

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Seth(Albany area)
Male Strippers, Book Jim Cop, Pizza Delivery, stranded motorist 1-800-715-1333 x 3292, Male Strippers CT, MA, RI, NY
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cell - 860-625-5347

Marlon from Jamaica

Male Strippers, Book Frank at your next bachelorette party 1-800-715-1333 x 3292, Male Strippers CT, MA, RI, NY
(NYC area)

Male Strippers Mohegan Sun Casins and Foxwoods Casino MGM 860-625-5347



He actually showed up half an hour early! LOL! I was still getting ready it was wicked funny!
We had a BLAST with Seth Thank you SOOO much! The girls and I are REALLY Pleased with how the night went! We all had SOO much fun he is WICKED hot!! : )

Thanks for everything! I'm sure I'll be calling you again when one of my friends is having a batchlorette party! Or we just want a hot stripper! ;P Thanks again!!!


Just want to THANK YOU so much for Saturday night! You were awesome & everyone had such a great time! Debbie is still talking about the "Hot PeeWee Herman" stripper. I'm so glad I called you!!!
Thanks again,
Thank you so much for being so flexible and willing to play along with the scenerio at our bachelorette party.

You rocked and made a great evening even better!

~ Wendy, Cindy, The Blushing Bride and all the girls.
I wanted to thank you again for the trip all the way up to Northern VT! Plus I wanted to tell you that they all rated you a 10 out of 10. With the response that you got I could tell we did good!!
Best of luck to you
thanks again
---Susan QC---
Hey Bruce,
Just want to say thank you again for putting on a great show at Louise's Bachelorette Party. She was quite suprised and did not know what she was in for when the "doctor" arrived to check her out! You really got the party started and the girls all loved you! Thanks again!
Hello Bruce, We had a fantastic night, everything went great. My niece had a great birthday. Thanks you so much for your book. I am still recovering so I have not had the time to read it, but I will. Mike was so good . Thanks again and if I am in the Conn. area I will look you guys up. Thanks. Patti
about friday night at altones,
you guys were hot, you made my first look at male strippers make me want to come back.
you all need a myspace so I can keep in touch !!
I had a blast and so did my friends

Hi Bruce,

Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for putting on such a GREAT show last saturday. Everyone was just so surprised and shocked at how much fun they had, I think a lot of people thought that they would just stand in the back and watch and then they saw how much fun it was and jumped right in! I can't think of a better way to say goodbye to my bachelorette days!!!! I hope you all made out well at the event, and one more thing...........Jordan, oh Jordan, he is a great asset to the men from heaven! :-) !!!!!

thanks again,
Your ladies in Vermont

Hi Bruce,  Thank you! There were a lot of compliments to your performance and your personality. A couple of women are thinking maybe this is a good idea for a bachelorette party. Thanks!  Nina


This email is for Bruce the owner. We had Seth at a bachelorette party Saturday night 7/14/07 and I would like to tell you that ALL the women were VERY pleased. I put together the party and I definitely wanted to make sure that these women had a good time and let me tell you we talked about Seth all night.
Seth was awesome and I have passed the word on to a lot of people who want a stripper. I have been to other parties with different strippers and by far Seth was the best.
Bruce if you have more parties make sure that you give them Seth because they will NOT be disappointed.


Hi Bruce,

Just wanted to say thank you for getting back to me about this and Thank You to Brandon. We are still laughing over what a good time we had. It was a complete surprise to everyone else there and it unfolded just perfectly.

Take care,
Sandy (and Sue’s bachelorette party)


Hi Bruce - just wanted to send you a quick note to say Thank You again for your entertainment on Friday afternoon at the casino. We all had a fun time and it definitely set the mood for a great night!



Hi Bruce,
The party went GREAT!! My best friend was so excited. I felt a little awkward in the elevator with the stripper b/c there was a lady in there with us, and it was so obvious. It was really funny. He was so polite quite the gentlemen, totally hot!!
You can post this as a testimonial if you want.
Thanks again,
Avrah  NY

Everything was great!!! All of the girls had a great time and, of course, are still talking about Johnny. Thank you for everything! If the need arises, we will definitely go through you for our "entertainment" needs. Thanks again!
Leah - RI

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Sat. night. The bachelorette really had a great time, but doesn't remember it. That's what pictures are for right! Anyways I aslo wanted you you to send another thank you your dancers.  They  really were great and very personable. Everything went well and I would reccomend you to anyone looking for a good time.


"I went to my very first night to see strippers @ the 95triplex night in Plattsburgh. You were fantastic... I was a virgin and you made it all the better. "
"i really enjoyed your last show at Christerfers..."
"Hey there.... just wanted to let you know I saw your show last Saturday night at Blackboards in Windsor Locks, CT.. what a show!!!!!!  All three gentlemen were Class "A" entertainers and made a great impression on every one of us in the  wedding party!  We are ALL planning to return to Blackboards Cafe.   Thanks again!!"          
"I saw you guys last night at Player's, and all i have to say is:
                        "TAKE IT OFF"
     You are all terrific performers..."    
"I was at the NY Centerfolds show at The Waterfront in Holyoke, and it was one of best performances that I have seen from The NY Centerfolds. I  want to thank The NY Centerfolds for doing the job that they do, it has to be hard at times, but we really enjoy ourselves, and we go home with smiles on our faces!"                    
"I just saw one of your shows last night in Waterville, Maine at the Holiday Inn (Pete & Larry's).  It was fantastic.  The guys were very talented and had a wonderful rapport with the audience.  They made everyone feel special.  Thanks so much."                 
"hello I love these guys so much I go to seem them every time they come to Rhode Island..

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